The Must-Have Shapewear Items 2023 - Featuring Shapellx

Rearranging the contents of the wardrobe every time the season changes seems to be a habit for every woman. It’s not just about adding dozens of comforts to what you wear, but also about the right style during the season. Not only clothing but accessories, shoes and undergarments also need the same update. And of course, shapewear is no exception, either.

If you are looking for new shapewear, you may be quite confused, why is it offered in so many designs? Well, this is the era when modern shapewear is taking over the stage, because it is no longer just tight undergarments but can be worn as flattering outfits in every season. Offering body contouring features and fashionable styling in one piece, shapewear will be a versatile wardrobe choice for every woman.

As the temperatures dip and the colors of the leaves change, you need cozy shapewear that you can rely on for any occasion. Let's dive into our list of must-have shapewear items for fall 2023! All items are hand-picked from leading shapewear brand Shapellx, known for its superior quality, flattering designs and sculpting effectiveness. Scroll down to find the style that suits you best!

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Best Shapewear Dresses For Fall

long sleeve mermaid dress
Long sleeve mermaid dress.

Metallic silver dominated the runways and is now the hot topic of the season. You can prepare yourself to adopt this trend by including this shapewear dress on your shopping list. It will definitely be a versatile, yet eye-catching, item for this festive season.

Shapellx’s Built-In 360° Gleaming Long Sleeve Mermaid Dress offers a minimalist and elegant design in a bold square neck and mermaid tail hem. The shimmery metallic yarn adds glamour to the dress and will make you look classy with every step you take. Indeed, wearing a mermaid dress is a bit tricky and challenging for many women, especially if they are not confident in their body shape. But this shapewear dress will erase all worries with its excellent tummy control feature, to tame bulges and trouble spots in an instant. As one of the best shapewear for tummy from Shapellx, this product can slim and sculpt the hourglass waistline perfectly with its double-layered fabric and elastic shaping mesh lining. Gain confidence and flaunt your perfect figure all season long in this shapewear dress!

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Best Sustainable Shapewear For Fall

seamless eco friendly shaper dress
Seamless eco friendly shaper dress.

Sustainable shapewear is an item you can't miss, in every season. You can choose Shapellx sustainable shapewear, which comes in trendy and flattering designs, one of which is the Built-In 360° Seamless Eco-Friendly Shaper Dress with Large U-Back.

This is a shapewear dress that offers surprising benefits. With the most comfortable compression, it can provide great tummy control to smooth out your silhouette and curve your waist. Its built-in removable bra pads and woven support fabric on the inner side of the chest panel provide full support for extra comfort.

This shapewear dress is the ultimate staple for any style. You can wear it as a basic to pair with all your outerwear and warm coats. The midi length conveys an elegant impression and will flatter all body types. So, what else is there to consider?

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Best Shaping Shorts For Fall

seamless crossover shorts
Seamless crossover shorts.

See-through dresses are a fall trend you have to try. To make your style stunning, wear PowerConceal™ Seamless Crossover Shorts underneath. This product is the best shaper shorts that offers fantastic sculpting and lifting results instantly.

These shaper shorts are made from eco-friendly recycled yarn. The fabric is stretchy, light and breathable to ensure you feel comfortable all day long. Its high-waisted design enhances your curves and provides great control over your tummy, waist, hips, buttocks and thighs. You can also expertly pair this product with a crop top and oversized blazer for a chic fall style. Even better, it's also a workout staple that you can definitely wear in all seasons.

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Best Shaping Leggings For Fall

elasticfuse waistband shaping leggings
Elasticfuse waistband shaping leggings.

Layered styles will definitely be everywhere this season. You can play with your creativity so that everything coordinates, but there is always one staple that you need, shaping leggings. AirSlim® Elastic Fuse Waistband Shaping Leggings from Shapellx are definitely worth trying, if you might be planning to buy quality butt lifting shapewear or comfortable shaping leggings for fall.

These leggings combine superior comfort and shaping in an innovative high-rise design. Its firm compression waistband provides powerful waist sculpting and tummy control for a perfect hourglass figure. A simple hook and zipper combo closure is designed to keep everything in place all day long. Not only do they sculpt your midsection, these shaping leggings can elongate the appearance of your legs and make them instantly slimmer.

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Best Bodysuits For Fall

ribbed chic cut out bodysuit
Ribbed chic cut out bodysuit.

Cozy clothes are always a fall staple. That's why you should stick the Cozy Ribbed Chic Cut-Out Bodysuit in your capsule wardrobe this season. Its versatility is an advantage that you won't find in other fashion items.

This shapewear bodysuit can go with everything, from jeans, skirts, overalls or any item you want. The V-neck design is not only flattering but also timeless and will never look out of date. This item not only elevates your look but also enhances your curves effectively. There is a double-layer shaping mesh that flattens the stomach, sculpts the waist and shapes the back at the same time. Its removable built-in padding provides perfect support for your breasts, going braless is no problem. Once you wear it, you won't wish the season over.

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