Tuesday, 20 February 2018

When I Say Goodbye to Ronnie CS

Hello, friends. Allow me to write in English, as well as to hone my skills in this international language 😄. Now, I will tell you about my hijrah story. But it is not about hijrah in specific case like before wearing the hijab then become a veiled women. But, I just want to write my memories with my idol in the past, then how I (have to) say goodbye to all about him. Hehehe.

He is Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima, and many people used to call him Ronaldo or Ronnie. He is one of the most popular football player in the world. He is a Brazilian, but his soccer career was brilliant in Europe especially in Italy. I really idolized him since I studied in junior high school, until I studied at the university. I like watching football match and then, I fell in love with Ronnie's performance.


I like watching football since junior high. It started when my brother really liked football, so I liked too. I often watch the football match in television with him. We were almost never absent watching Serie A League (Italy), Premiere League (English), La Liga (Spanish), Champions League, until World Cup. Sometimes we watch it in the evening, at night, midnight, even at dawn. It is so crazy if I remember that. Hahaha.

We also often buy football magazines, in addition to routinely buying newspapers every day (be a customer). So the latest news on football has never been absent from us. Some madness I also did. Like writing letters to Ronnie at Italy, eventhough I did not end up sending them because my pocket money was not enough for mailing. Haha.

Source: pexels.com.

But, all the fun slowly ended when I got married. I have a lot to do instead of watching football. Working, taking care of my kid and husband, as well as other activities makes me thought that watching football is a waste of time. Do I have to wake up early just to watch the Champions League? Do I have to sacrifice two hours to watch the football while a lot of other work is waiting? 
I thought I should stop having fun with football. So, goodbye, Ronnie and all about the football 😊.

Yeah, finally I realized that it is my hijrah from something useless activities to the use of more useful time. I am not saying that watching football is bad, but as a mother I have other activities that should be prioritized 😊.


  1. It's a good step. I am still doing something useless when I have a lot of things waiting for me *cry

  2. it would be nice whether our perspective wider than before, I think it might be not fully hijrah, but also give a another perspective (positive thinking) in my old activity

  3. Walah walah terjada mbak Diah penggemar bola toooo :D
    Hehehe emang eman 2 jam buat nonton bola, tapi kyknya gpp mbak nonton bola sambil seterika or nglipetinbaju #eh hehe
    Btw kalau suami jg suka nonton bola bisa nobar donk sesekali :D

  4. It surprises me. Mbk used to like football. I don't like football and I don't understand. I don't understand about football. And I don't know why. Even i ask my friends or my brothers times to explain about football. I just never understand.

  5. A good decision from a good mother. Love it :)

  6. Waah...Barakallahu fiik, sis Deka.
    In syaa Allah berkah.

    For some reason, im still do the thing that make me happy. Although i know that useless.


  7. when I was at elementary school, I was also one of Ronnie fans, Mbak especially when Brazil won world cup and Ronnie was the top scorer.

  8. Soccer!
    I like it, i like every sport that using a ball
    Except golf.

    Watching soccer it's fine when all tasks is completed but made this decision is very important since you are woman

  9. roonie the good player for football. my friends so fanatic idola roonie good game player football and any medallion this football

  10. I simply didn't imagine that you would writing about The Phenomenon!!!. True, He's superrr amazing, simply a Legend. Still Many many many footbal superstar nowadays still make him as a rolemodel, such as Zalatan Ibrahimovic for example. But, now you have more amazing husband and children isn't it. That's worth it.

  11. wahh penggemar bola ternyata mbaknya. Sama dong hehehe. tapi sebagai fans Barca, saya ga suka Ronaldo karena dia pindah ke Madrid hahaha

  12. I think watching football is not useless activity, as long as it does't disturb our main duty or something else.

    Ronnie is the best striker all the time, by the way...

    1. That's right. I mean, it's useless activity (especially) for me. Because as a mother I have other activities that should be prioritized.
      And, yeah.. it's about time management too :)

  13. You are so crazy Mbak Diah like a boy loves football. But, I think sometimes you must doing it again for me time. Watching football is unless activities? You must be worry because many fansclub which reading your post. Haha, just kidding Mbak 😂

    1. Hahaha..
      I mean, it's useless activity (especially) for me as a mother, Mbak. And it's about time management too :)

  14. Wah... pro kontra nih hehehe tapi yaaa kembali ke kebiasaan masing masing aih. Balik juga ke lingkungan. Menurutku Cewe suka bola sih keren . Apalagi sampe paham cara bermain termasuk playernya. Keren abis

  15. Hmmm mau komentarnya pake bahasa inggris juga tapi hmmm tak pede ahhh 😂
    Aku juga suka nonton bola meskipun tak pernah hapal nama pemainnya, juga suka heran sendiri dengan bola yang diperebutkan itu. Tapi aku suka suasananya; ketegangan, antusiasme, sorak gegap gempita yang ada saat menonton bola itu.

  16. After reading this article, I felt a bit touching. You know, performing hijrah encourages us a lot of efforts and resignation to Allah..
    Keep spirits, my young lady.


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